We provide access to our quality events as well as carefully curated experiences, offering our members opportunities to learn, to have fun, and to connect. This varied schedule includes music nights, fitness pop-ups, workshops, interviews, and master classes, provide safe spaces to meet like-minded women and expand your social circle beyond the work place and the home.

With themes spanning different industries, from the arts to the workplace, from wellbeing to sexuality, our members can choose where they want to invest their time.

Our Promise?

To ensure that through each event and experience you can explore exciting new places in your city, broaden your horizons, and make invaluable connections. We promise to offer experiences of the highest quality and to bring a sparkle to your weekdays. Your social life does not have to be reserved just for the weekend. It's time to do something valuable with your mid-week diaries!

We want to create a platform for a network of like-minded women who wish to discover, develop, empower others, and be inspired themselves.

The Merit Club is committed to bringing people from different backgrounds, industries & age groups closer together. It’s not about fitting or unfitting stereotypes, it’s not about intelligence, grades, social standing, age or experience, the clothes you wear or the labels in your wardrobe. With us, you can feel confident in coming to our events alone should you not wish to bring a guest. In our community, everyone is encouraged to build lasting relationships with fellow members, to discover, develop, empower others and be inspired themselves. 

We are all influencers, so let’s help each other and have some fun at the same time.

Please note our events are for women 18 and over.

 Find out about the Membership

Events are hosted in hand-picked venues across London to compliment the various topics of our events, in opulent boutique hotels, bright studio spaces and quirky hidden rooms around the city. 

We are committed to providing an engaging evening of fun. And rest assured, we will never compromise on style.